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Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) consists of four members of the community and three BBGH employees. The purpose of the PFAC is to gather feedback and suggestions to improve the patient experience at BBGH. 

The PFAC members meet quarterly to share experiences at the facility, offer constructive feedback, participate in group discussions, and provide insight from the patient and family perspective. 

Patient Experience Ambassador Dede DeVeny, CPXP, and coordinator of the PFAC says, "BBGH is happy to have a council made up of patients and family members to offer feedback of ways to improve or sustain a positive patient experience. It is a privilege to be on the inaugural PFAC and share with the appropriate departments the informative feedback that our community members provide. The secret to making smart and valuable decisions is having ongoing and actionable feedback from your most important stakeholder, your customers, our patients."

Contact Dede with questions or for more information at or 308-762-4357 ext. 3479.

Dede DeVeny, CPXP